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Just for You.jpg Just for You Price: $2.75
This is a greeting card that can be sent to a variety of persons.It could be someone you love specially,or even a good friend, mother father, brother,sister. The words are very endearing.(These are the words inside) Just for you I'll say a little prayer so that you would be kept strong. Just for you I'll smile each day and sing a happy song. Just for you I'll try to be good even though it's and arduous task. Just for you I'll try to be real and take off my foolish mask. Just for you I'll try to be me and not even you or them. Just for you I'll try to always be a companion an inspiration, a friend.
Smitten.jpeg Smitten SKU: 368x276 Price: $2.75
Ever met someone and you could not resist him or her. Here is a way to express that sentiment.(These are the words inside) I always felt I was strong and in control of my emotions. But since the day I've met you, I'm a goner and loving it.
Crushed.jpg Crushed Price: $2.75
This card express the feeling of disappointment by one party to a relationship after a breakup.(These are the words inside) We've had moments together that I would cherish forever. We've spent moments together that were sometimes challenging. But the day we broke up I've felt crushed and still don't know how to deal with it.
Scanned_Image_095321.jpg Cherish at Christmas Price: $2.75
Scanned_Image_095023.jpg Without You This Christmas Price: $2.75
Scanned_Image_095152.jpg Birth of The Christ Child Price: $2.75